Conestoga Valley School District (Lancaster, PA) Stadium Renovations

ELA Sport worked with Conestoga Valley School District in Lancaster County, PA, to replace their existing natural grass stadium field with a new synthetic turf field.

Initially ELA Sport prepared a feasibility report to determine costs associated with the construction of a synthetic turf field and various stadium upgrades. When the project was approved, ELA Sport provided professional planning, design, and construction services for the stadium and turf field project.

Working in close partnership with the District’s staff, ELA Sport  designed plans and specifications for competitive bidding of construction work for the new venues which included synthetic turf and track resurfacing. ELA Sport provided the site design engineering and permitting services including zoning and land development planning.

The focus of the project was the replacement of the natural grass field with a new 84,280 SF multipurpose synthetic turf field. This new field featured a slit-film synthetic turf fiber with rubber/sand infill and shock attenuation pad, permanent markings for football, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse, and a midfield “CV” logo rendered in the team colors.

In addition, as a part of the master plan, ELA Sport designed a new bus access drive to connect the high school and middle school to the new multi-sport stadium, storm water system upgrades, sanitary sewer and water service upgrades.





Weaver Road Park, Manheim Township (Lancaster, PA)

High demand for athletic fields by local youth and adult sport leagues motivated Manheim Township (Lancaster County, PA) to approach ELA Sport for professional planning, design, and construction phase services to develop the Weaver Road Park Recreational Facility.

ELA Sport served as lead designer on the 38 acre park which included 240,000 SF of synthetic grass field lined for football, soccer and lacrosse; two natural grass multi-purpose fields, baseball and softball fields, field house, pathways, court sports and parking. The project also required roadway widening, traffic signal design and permitting as well as water and sewer line extensions. All work was completed in-house with the support of mechanical engineers and architects for the buildings. Additional services by ELA Sport included processing zoning variances and land development approvals.

ELA Sport was responsible for coordinating the construction team of five prime contractors including general site, site electrical, synthetic turf field, stadium lighting and grandstand construction. Additional coordination was required with the field house architect and the building contractors as well.




Student Transportation of America (STA) Stadium

ELA Sport engineers gave new perspective to the design and improvement plans for the Student Transportation of America (STA) Stadium, track and fields, in Williamsport, PA, and completed the facility renovations in less than a year.

STA Stadium has been the home for Williamsport High School athletic teams and a valued community asset for more than 40-years. Over that time heavy use of the facility had taken its toll, so the School District and community leaders recognized that renovations and upgrades were required to modernize the facility. With a desire to renovate the facility without burdening the community through a tax increase, the “Return to Glory” capital campaign was launched by the Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation Board of Directors. The Williamsport area community and business leaders quickly and generously responded to the campaign, providing significant funds. These donations, with grants and other financial sources, covered the cost of the project.

Frustrated after prior designs for the facility renovations could not be awarded via the public bid process due to excessive costs, District administration contacted ELA Sport to bring a fresh perspective to the project program and design approach. Working closely with the Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN) premium sports specific vendors, including FieldTurf USA, Beynon Sports Surfaces, Musco Sports Lighting, and GT Grandstands, ELA Sport facilitated a co-operative design/build project effort between the District, these vendors, and their construction subcontractors to deliver a turnkey design/build proposal in just eight weeks after being tasked by the District to develop a project that met their required program and available funding.

Improvements to the stadium included a new synthetic turf field, running track renovations, new track and field venues, new stadium lighting, new visitor grandstands, new concrete and bituminous paving, segmental retaining walls and associated other improvements. The renovations were completed in approximately 10-months from initial design through first use of the facility with final completion in less than a year. This team approach resulted in a final project cost of just under $3.5 million and represented a significant cost reduction, without sacrifice of program, product quality, and construction quality.