ELA Group, Inc. worked with site developer, Messina Highlands, LP, and designed five cornerstone walls to support commercial buildings, access roads and parking lots.

The commercial site included three buildings on a site with 90 feet of grade change along an access road. Storm water requirements for both the Township and County also had to be addressed in the plan.

Working with a civil engineer, the design included a two-tiered site with a storm water basin located on the northeast edge of the property. Two of the commercial buildings were located on the upper tier, and one on the lower tier, with the access road running between. To accomplish the site layout, several segmental retaining walls were designed between the two levels, and around the rear and front of the property.

The walls were significantly tall in size, measuring at 36.67 ft. for Wall 1; Wall 2, 3, 4 and 5 measured in succession 20.67 ft., 37.33 ft., 37.33 ft. and 14.00 ft.




Kelly Township contracted ELA Group to implement their plan to re-align an unnamed tributary to the Susquehanna River in West Milton, PA. A key focus of the plan was to remedy the potential high water; therefore, the plan included construction of segmental retaining walls (MagnumStone with Georgrid) to replace the existing dilapidated retaining walls on the site.

ELA Group provided demolition plans for the existing retaining walls, provided design plans for the realignment of the tributary, miscellaneous permitting, construction administration, stormwater management improvements, roadway improvements, and NPDES permitting for a nearby existing residential community.

Two existing culverts located within the project boundary were analyzed to verify hydraulic compliance with Local, County, and State regulations for all upland storm events. There were no improvements needed for the existing culvert located beneath the railroad tracks. ELA worked with the Union County Conservation District and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to prepare and finalize an erosion and sediment control plan for final approval, along with the preparation of a DEP General Permit #11.

Due to the safety of the surrounding community, a fence was required; however, to provide access to the Township, ELA designed stairs and gates at varying intervals. There were several existing storm water pipes that daylighted the retaining walls. Proper alignments were required to ensure a neat appearance.




ELA Group was contracted by Pinnacle Health West Shore Hospital to design three segmental retaining walls that were required for the hospital and parking area expansion plan.

The segmental retaining walls were a site critical amenity, required to provide support for the proposed parking lots along with sidewalks located directly behind the retaining walls. ELA designed the three walls, equally 13,550 square feet, utilizing Keystone Compac III segmental retaining wall blocks, with a near vertical batter.

The area behind the walls was insufficient to construct the required guiderail, therefore, ELA proposed and designed a mixed use concrete and Compac III block parapet design. At the rear of the parapet, reinforced concrete was used; and at the front of the parapet ELA utilized the Compac III blocks to keep a uniform look to the wall. The crucial part of the parapet design was to ensure that the parapet could withstand a vehicular impact without failure, which ELA did the vehicular impact study and design.