ELA Group was retained by Lancaster General Health (LGH), Lancaster, PA, to consult on an expansion plan. LGH wished to expand its facility with a new four-story medical office building totaling approximately 80,000 SF. Additionally, a new 10-level parking garage was constructed between Queen and Christian Streets to replace an existing parking garage. The new parking garage’s façade was designed to complement the surrounding neighborhood’s historical buildings which required approval by the Lancaster Historic Commission.

A two-tiered, enclosed pedestrian bridge, constructed over Duke Street, connects the parking garage and new medical office building with the Hospital. Extensive landscaping improvements were designed for the medical office building entrance and the entire site.

Elevation challenges included interconnecting the existing garage, the new medical office building, the two-level pedestrian bridge (with overhead clearance over Duke Street to meet PennDOT regulations), and the floor elevations of existing hospital. Also, ELA secured zoning text amendments from the city to allow a 10-story parking garage.






ELA Group Land Planners were contracted by Camp Conquest to develop a Master Plan for their 90-acre property near Denver, PA. The Camp wanted to expand, adding a new dining hall, bathhouse, pavilion and volleyball court to their facility. Upgrades to the existing on-lot sewage treatment system were needed and the conversion of an existing farm house into a welcome center and ministry office was also planned.

The Camp is located within the Ecologically Sensitive District of West Cocalico Township, which is located within a high quality watershed area. Building and development within this area are highly regulated in order to preserve the picturesque setting and pristine streams.

ELA Engineers analyzed the existing sewage system and, understanding the anticipated growth of the camp, designed a new sanitary sewage system with drip-irrigation field.  ELA coordinated the design and permitting through DEP and secured a Special Exemption for the camp to expand within the Ecologically Sensitive Zoning District. ELA coordinated the engineering and planning for the improvements to obtain all Land Development approvals from the Township, as well as the Lancaster County Conservation District.






ELA Group was contracted by Presbyterian Senior Living (PSL) to find a solution to the needs at The Long Home, an historic assisted living facility in Lancaster, PA, owned by PSL.  The Long Home found it increasingly difficult to meet the growing needs of its residents.

It was determined that a new senior living community needed to be established to meet the rising demand for independent senor living facilities in Lancaster County. PSL acquired a 13-acre tract adjacent to the Highland Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, PA, to develop The Long Community at Highland.

ELA aided Presbyterian Senior Living both in the acquisition of zoning variances and in the preparation of supporting documentation required to accompany applications for funding through the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Long Community consists of three principal apartment buildings, each with dedicated below-grade parking. In all, the community provides 202 senior living units, 275 parking spaces, and a network of pedestrian trails which taps into an existing trail network.

In addition to the design of these site amenities, ELA provided infrastructure design including roadway widening, water and sewer, and stormwater management to accommodate future site improvements.

Certificate of Merit award regarding Smart Growth Leadership Awards – 2012.