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ELA Group, Inc. provides Engineering and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services in support of our Land Planners/Landscape Architects or directly to the public sector (to municipalities) and to the private sector (to various individual clients and to other consultants). In addressing the needs of our clients, we provide the following range of services, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project.


As part of the planning process, the ELA Group team of experienced engineers and specialists will analyze your infrastructure needs and develop a course of action that will meet those needs while addressing environmental and regulatory requirements. As options are identified, we provide detailed scope, cost and scheduling information so you can effectively plan improvements and evaluate your capital expenditures.


The ELA Group, Inc. Engineers serve many municipalities, providing general municipal engineering services and, on occasion, services relating to specific municipality-sponsored improvement projects. As required on a case-by-case basis, our Land Planners/Landscape Architects have often assisted the Municipal Engineers in order to address specific requirements as they relate to ordinance updates, community planning efforts, street scape design, and parks/recreation projects.


ELA Group¬†¬†Transportation Engineers offer a broad spectrum of transportation planning, traffic engineering and project development services. Throughout all phases of the project – from scoping to design to construction – we work closely with the client and project stakeholders to successfully integrate the project into the area’s broader transportation network and land-use plans.


ELA Group Engineers have helped the public and private sectors clean, conserve, and protect their water supplies for more than fifteen years. Using the most recent technological advancements, we plan and design systems and processes to meet regulatory requirements, collect and treat water and wastewater, and meet capacity demands.


ELA Group, Inc. Engineers provide a variety of services that we consider “special,” because they represent a unique type of client, project, or market area. These services include parking garages and surface lots for municipalities and/or parking authorities, retaining walls for materials manufacturers and builders/developers, and bridges/culverts and miscellaneous structures for municipalities and builders/developers.


A Geographical Information System (GIS) combines mapping and database technology to create a centralized spatial information hub that can be shared interdepartmentally, from city or county administration staff to the public works department, the tax assessor’s office and beyond. As GPS data collection has become more sophisticated and accurate, so too has GIS information; never before has accurate geographic data been more important to cities, townships, counties and other entities.