A safe and efficient transportation system is critical to the success of a community. As a community grows, the stress on the transportation infrastructure also grows. ELA’s Traffic/Transportation Team offers a vast array of services to manage this growth ensuring that the transportation system remains a sustainable community asset.

The ELA Traffic/Transportation Team offers services directly to private clients, other Architecture/Engineering firms, our municipal clients and works in support of our own Landscape Architecture/Land Planning Team and ELA Sport Team. Our Traffic/Transportation Team possesses the expertise to guide our clients through all phases of their projects. Throughout the project, our team works to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of the client, satisfy regulatory requirements, are sensitive to affected property owners, and improve the community as a whole.


Our team regularly partners with residential and commercial developers, municipal and county governments, business owners, health care providers, school districts, other Architecture/Engineering firms, contractors, public utilities, and athletic organizations to secure Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP). Assisting our clients in navigating the complex world of PennDOT HOPs is our primary focus. Our specialized expertise is accompanied by our long-standing relationships developed through decades of work in this field. Using this experience, our team provides options and offers advice as it guides our clients through the PennDOT process, including site access location evaluation, Traffic Impact Studies and Assessments, HOP plan preparation, and other administrative requirements.


ELA’s Traffic/Transportation Team is well versed in the aspects of traffic signal design, including traffic signal warrant studies, design of new traffic signals, modifications to existing traffic signals, retiming, coordination, and pedestrian access upgrades. By using the latest traffic signal analysis software and training to stay current with the latest traffic signal technology, we ensure our designs provide safe and efficient traffic signal operation.


Our team has experience with a wide variety of projects with the primary purpose of improving traffic safety. Those projects have included alternatives analysis for intersections with high crash rates, evaluation of truck routes for large industrial facilities, evaluation of school walking routes, school zone studies, multi-way STOP studies, traffic speed studies, evaluation of rural roads for curve warning signs, and evaluation of traffic signal phasing alternatives to reduce crashes.


ELA’s Traffic/Transportation Team provides highway design services both through the PennDOT HOP process and for public-sector projects using state and federal funding. From driveway permitting to the design of complex intersections and roundabouts, our team of engineers and designers is experienced in working with our clients to develop solutions that meet their needs, while satisfying regulatory requirements and reducing impacts to neighboring property owners.


Our team provides municipal traffic engineering services as an appointed Municipal Traffic Engineer, as part of an ELA team appointment as general Municipal Engineer, or a subconsultant to other municipal engineers. Our municipal traffic engineering services include plan reviews, traffic safety studies, traffic speed and signing studies, traffic signal design, sight distance evaluations, and grant applications.


ELA’s Traffic/Transportation Team is experienced with the planning and design of athletic facilities, the management of traffic flow and parking for these facilities and other special events. Specialized experience includes:

  • Special Event Traffic Studies
  • Special Event Traffic Management Plans
  • PA DEP Form D Traffic Studies
  • Hazardous Walking Route Studies for Schools