West Lampeter Township purchased a 52-acre cornfield, with a vision of shaping it into the centerpiece for sports, recreation and community in the Lampeter-Strasburg area of Lancaster County, PA. The western segment of Village Park was developed and currently serves as the host site for the Lampeter-Strasburg YMCA facility. The park provides recreational space for more than 7,000 children, adults and families, and is a hub for activity in the Township.

As a final step in the project, the Township has retained ELA Group, Inc. to design the remaining portion of the park and further the Township’s goal to provide additional recreational space for the community.

ELA Group’s Landscape Architects worked with the Township officials and planners to develop a design that meets the goals and works within a budget that the Township set.

The Township’s goals include making  better use of Village Park’s 52 acres by increasing accessibility, improving ongoing maintenance and adding parking for both participants and spectators. The design will be flexible enough to support the needs of many different sports and community activities within the Lampeter-Strasburg Community.

During the planning process, ELA Group’s Engineers met with the Park Board and representatives from local athletic associations to determine what type and size of fields would best match the community’s needs, and worked to maximize the number of sports venues on the site.

The ELA design for the park incorporates the existing park features and transforms it into a convenient, high quality place for youth to play, adults and seniors to live active lifestyles, and where the community can connect.  Passive recreational areas are integrated into the park so it becomes a functional place for not only sports, but for community events and family gatherings. Water quality, water recharge and green infrastructure facilities are also integrated into the park design which enhances appearance and lessens environmental impact, while improving the park’s capacity to support the large amount of people and activity this park attracts.

Additions include:

  • New paved parking spots
  • Pavilion & Restrooms/Maintenance/Storage building
  • Sand Volleyball court
  • New Playground Equipment
  • 4 New Micro-Sized Fields
  • New Full-Sized Field (Soccer/Lacrosse)
  • New Baseball/Softball Field (60’ base path)
  • 4 New small-sized fields (U10)
  • 2 New Baseball/Softball Fields (75’/90’ base path)
  • Dugouts & Restroom/Storage Building
  • New Basketball Court